Jump Street is actively looking for new franchisees throughout South Africa to join this exciting new market.

Are you interested in a Trampoline Park Franchise – Why Choose Jump Street

Jump Street was one of the first large trampoline park operator and Trampoline Park Franchise in the South African region. Since our establishment in late 2015 we’ve have confirmed locations in KZN, Cape Town, Sasolburg and now most recently Port Elizabeth. Our ability to design, install and manage gives as a unique edge over our competitors by ensuring the highest quality and leading-edge equipment. Included our customs designed systems, our staff training and our standard operating procedures are all adapted to the specific needs of each local market and franchisee.

Our first venue was built and opened within just four months of lease signing – on time and on budget. Once open, with our experience and Jump Street team helps develop the store to ensure the franchisee builds a large and loyal customer base – even in markets where the general public are often un-familiar with the trampoline park concept.

The Jump Street Franchise is a Recognized Brand

Jump Street is recognized as a destination for safe, healthy, active fun. Our brand represents a very broad demographic from pre-school aged kids and their parents, through to teenagers and twenty- somethings, to people of all ages and backgrounds. With new venues coming up in various South African locations in 2017/8, Jump Street is set to be the leading Trampoline Park franchise in South Africa.

We currently have five Trampoline Park Franchise locations established and operating well:

  1. 21 Jump Street – Mall of the South (Gauteng)
  2. 22 Jump Street – Ballito Junction (KZN)
  3. 23 Jump Street – Riverside (CPT)
  4. 24 Jump Street – Sasolburg
  5. 25 Jump Street – Port Elizabeth
Trampoline Park Franchise

Multiple revenue Streams when you invest in a Jump Street Franchise

A Jump Street venue has a broad market appeal, with many different revenue streams. Many trampoline parks globally target children as their core audience, creating strong seasonality and unlimited growth opportunities. Jump Street’s tested and proven pricing model and attractions mix combines with specially designed programs and brand positioning that makes our venues appealing to a much wider audience. This allows revenue streams like fitness programs, parties and corporate events to be built in addition to the core revenue, enhancing return on investment.

As a Jump Street Trampoline Park Franchise you’ll benefit from our expertise in maximizing the appeal of your venue, no matter its size, and you’ll have access to Jump Street product and revenue stream creation knowledge, to support your ongoing success.


Safe Fun

At Jump Street the safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We believe that a strong safety record is the best advertising, and a foundation for long-term sustained commercial success. Because of this commitment, we deliver an injury frequency in our centre’s better than any major sport that kids or adults play. As a Jump Street Franchisee you’ll benefit from our safe system design knowledge, our well-developed operational safety framework, and from our comprehensive staff training programs and processes.

Trampoline Park Franchise is Market leader and innovator

Jump Street is the first to bring a number of features to South Africa, including foam pits, trampoline courts, Olympic trampoline, velcro walls and digital interactive displays, which are by far the most popular attractions within our parks. We are looking at new innovative products and features to South Africa, and as a Jump Street Franchisee you would be part of this exciting process.

We support you as you start up. We support you as you grow.

Jump Street has developed comprehensive systems and processes to support your success. It’s our goal to give you all the tools, the knowledge and real-time support needed to design, build and open your own Jump Street quickly and successfully.

As a Jump Street Trampoline Park Franchise you will benefit from the following:

  • Assistance in designing the layout of your park – while specific layout will depend on your specific premises. Our experienced trampoline park designer will work with you to develop an optimal layout, incorporating the maximum variety of attractions possible.
  • Support with obtaining all necessary equipment and supplies by way of full access to a network of verified equipment and material suppliers.
  • A detailed project development manual and assistance with customizing your plan to meet your local market requirements.
  • A comprehensive operations manual and that covers all aspects of operations, safety, equipment maintenance and customer service. Access to this knowledge base will allow a smooth transition from Grand Opening to day-to-day operations of your venu
  • Training by a dedicated team. You and your key management staff will receive offsite and onsite training. After your Grand opening we will continue supporting you with staff training programs, as new programs get developed.
  • Access to our technology platforms to support the operation of your business.
  • Pre-opening marketing guidance. Creating awareness in the market about your upcoming Grand Opening is critically important. You’ll have access to our knowledge base of traditional and non-traditional ways to run your pre-opening marketing campaign.
  • Ongoing support and mentoring by a team of experienced professionals. Our Head Office will always be ready to help you with any question you may have.
  • As a Jump Street Franchisee you will be authorized to use all Jump Street’s branding images and materials.

Contact us today for more information on a Franchise opportunities.